Dr. Schacher is a graduate of Yale Medical School. He trained at the New England Center in Boston and Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. He was an Epidemic Intelligence Service officer at the Center for Disease Control working at NIH on German Measles vaccine development.


Dr. Schacher is Board Certified in Occupational Medicine and has been assisting employers and employees with health & injuries in the workplace since 1980—initially as a Flight Surgeon in Washington State with the FAA and more recently with businesses in the State of Georgia.

Independent Medical Exams & Disability Exams

Dr. Schacher is a highly experienced, certified examiner. He has completed over 4,000 independent and disability exams utilizing his experience both in Occupational Medicine and Internal Medicine. He is an effective listener and communicator. His reports provide credible information in a concrete and consistent manner.

Certified Air Medical Examiner

Dr. Schacher is certified by the FAA to provide First Class physicals for pilots and, as a Senior Examiner, oversees return-to-duty requirements for pilots requiring Special Issuance.

Stress Reduction

Dr. Schacher has published his understanding of what causes and reduces stress in his book CALM. His experiences in training others to reduce their stress began when he worked with the Air Traffic Controllers during their strike in 1983. His work with injured and disabled workers and military personnel since then has provided him with the experience to assist other individuals with their ongoing (chronic) stress problems.

His recent publication, CALM, is available both in paperback and as an eBook via Amazon for Kindle, Barnes and Noble for Nook, and Apple for iPad.

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